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Weeknotes No. 3

Engineering 👩‍💻

These are the more industry / web tech things I've been spending time with:

  • lit-html: I started looking at UI frameworks that could compete on the level of React in terms of sharing components between different projects. I looked a little more closely at web components and this framework in particular. I like the concept of a framework's API intentionally being rolled into the browser's API so that the framework has an end. Like autoprefixer (not a framework) was a tool designed with the intention of going away. I like that.
  • Dark Mode for Actual Users: I finally made time to write a blog post about something I care about, dark mode. There's a new CSS media query designed to check whether you're using a dark theme on your system. I broke it down and the implications on various implementation choices.

Read 📖

Articles, Posts & Misc. 📝

Books 📚

  • The Sentence is Death by Anthony Horowitz: I've read his last two books, this is a sequel to his last A Word is Murder. It doesn't have the same appeal but I'm hoping that changes.
  • Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Y. Bhargava: Needing to get your CS fundamentals up to scratch? This is the book. Every other book makes me feel incredibly stupid and this one manages to break things down into simple concepts that are easy to digest.
  • Coders by Clive Thompson: I saw Clive Thompson when he was in Seattle on his book tour. It's both strange and comforting to see the industry I work in, dissected from this perspective, the larger trends and with a focus on front-end engineers. This book is largely anecdotal but it's captivating and informative and well researched.
  • Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3: Lifetime Achievement by Nick Spencer: Spider-man is the crown-jewel of the Marvel canon and this iteration of Nick Spencer working with such a packed character is definitely keeping pace with my attention.
  • Fantastic Four Vol. 1: Fourever by Dan Slott: Loving Dan's take on Marvel's first family; I've really really been getting into Fantastic Four.

Watch 📺 & Listen🎙

  • Foo Fighters Meets 70's Bobby Caldwell - Live Looping Mashup by Elise Trouw: Just watch, trust me.
  • It Might Get Loud: This is the story of the Edge from U2, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin and the Yardbirds) and Jack White (from the White Stripes and the Raconteurs, this was before the Dead Weather and his solo career), all meeting to discuss the impact of the guitar on their lives, what drew them to it and how they crafted some of the most beloved songs. I remember when this came out over 10 years ago and watching it again made me revisit all this music I've loved for entire life, it spoke of passion and conviction, but also of joy and craft. It's seriously a movie I should watch more regularly.