About Charles

šŸ‘‹ First things first, I'm Charles and Iā€™m a front-end engineer. Currently, I'm prototyping and building tools for design systems.

I focus on building things for the web šŸŒ: client-side applications, modular front-end systems and rapid prototyping. There isn't an end to the amount of hours I could spend talking about typography, how we write code, and trying to get to the bottom of things. Above any new thing I run into, I believe users need to remain the reason we build things and that the web can provide the most ubiquitous platform for delivering their experience.

Right now I'm giving most of whatever attention I have on a project called Downwrite āœļø. Other than that, you can usually find me losing it on šŸ¤Æ Twitter or starring too many things on šŸ™ GitHub. My partner and I live in Seattle, WA, where we're usually spending all our money on books šŸ“š.

About this Site

All the content of this site is being built through Gatsby and assets built with PostCSS + Remark. Fonts are system defaults and hosted on Now.

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