First things first, I'm Charles Peters and I’m a designer. I could spend hours talking about typography, writing code, and getting to the bottom of things.

You can usually find me pouring over articles about PostCSS, Node or Ember.js or losing it on Twitter. For the most part, semantics, modularity, details keep me up working late into the night. I think I'm way too obsessive and passionate (or completely insane) for my my own good. Right now I'm working on some pretty interesting stuff with Ember.js (well to me anyway).

Let's see, what else? Uh, I have made a few icons before. I also blog over on a site called where I talk about web design, front-end development and client services; usually without as much profanity as you might find here. I had a podcast called Viewsources about front-end development and design, I hope you listen.


All the content of this site is being built through Metalsmith and assets built with Gulp. Fonts are being served from Hoefler & Co. and hosted on Github Pages.

Recent Posts

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