Small Updates

I love this site. I love working on it and planning / writing posts. But like anything we love, it can fall victim to neglect.

I made two major updates:

  1. Removed custom fonts.
  2. Added a dark mode.

Now I loved and still love the previous font I used, Operator Mono, I still use it for my editors, but it didn’t make sense anymore. It makes an extra request and system fonts are good enough for GitHub.

Dark modes are cool. macOS has an official dark mode, Twitter has a dark mode, YouTube; this list goes on and on. This website needed one. My implementation of this uses React’s Context API and localstorage to add a class onto the <html> element and swap the custom properties. Gist of that here.

I’ve written a lot of blog posts over this past year, some of which I’ve shared because I haven’t really finished them or didn’t think them through all the way. Definitely working on that. But I’m essentially backfilling those posts, from the date I wrote the bulk of them. Also, I migrated some of the older content from ARWHD and my archived site.

Hoping the minor tweaks encourage me to write more.

Open source

Content notes aside, I finally open sourced the code on this site. It’s available on GitHub. Over the years, it’s used WordPress, Jekyll, Metalsmith and now Gatsby. I finally have a build pipeline and deployment system that makes me really happy. I push to GitHub, I merge to master, it builds in Travis CI and deploys to now. I used to manually FTP into a WordPress hosting setup and move files, then GitHub pages and a few other implementations. Now, I have something a little more sturdy and less error prone.