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I am a web designer and front-end developer, available for freelance and contract work. You can usually find me involved in a lot of in depth articles about SASS or Ember.js or losing it on Twitter. Most times feel like a distinct hybrid of both design and development, I try and maintain a focus on type and layout while making sure my code is semantic and maintainable over time.

I also blog over on a site called where I talk about web design, front-end development and client services, full force and usually without as much profanity as you might find here.

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The work I find myself doing is largely web design and front-end development. Most of my projects largely employ Sass and jQuery but lately I'm enjoying exploring things I don't fully understand, particularly with JavaScript.


Twelve is a versatile SASS based grid system without any dependenices.


This is a blank theme for Wordpress designed primarily to jumpstart projects and get deep into the harder parts of using Wordpress.


A blog to discuss the web things that occupy my headspace and working hours. I like to be amazed by CSS properties, confused by JavaScript and frustrated by like every CMS, ever.

Just A Few Icons

Just a few SVG icons I made and opened sourced and you can play around with. There's seriously just a handful.


These are my words about things.


Aug 12, 2014

It is no secret that I am often cynical and at other times radically depressed. Somewhere along the way I find it really helpful to know that life is composed of moments that pour out in so many different varieties. Some are wonderful, some are unpleasant, some are downright cruel; there are even some moments that even drown out the others.

The Day Robots Came Alive

May 19, 2014

This side of the earth lazily drifted back toward the sun and then suddenly rushed into the clatter of my alarm on my phone. In the midst of finding the snooze, 5 notifications from a select few news outlets rattled off not-too-dissimilar headlines about the Ukraine and Pakistan.

How We Learn

Jan 16, 2014

When I was 16, I read an interview about Beck. He learned to play guitar in such a peculiar way. He started with a single string on his guitar: the top string. He played the guitar with a single string until he felt he had learned everything about it. Then he would add another string and another until he had 6 strings.


If you'd like to contact me you can email here. I am currently available for new projects and I'd love to connect with you to see what we can make happen.